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Introducing Mendez Family Care and Aesthetics

In addition to our primary care services, which include chronic health management and women’s health, we now provide award-winning full-spectrum osteopathic family medicine, enhanced by cutting edge advances in functional medicine and medical aesthetics.

We offer services that address: cellulite, skin improvement and texture, tattoo removal, hair reduction, facial fillers and lifting, acne and other skin health issues, urinary incontinence, sexual health and weight loss.


FDA approved, EMSuite® treatments are designed to reduce fat, build muscle mass, enhance your physique, treat cellulite and assist in the recovery of weak pelvic muscles.

Less Fat. More Muscle.

EMSculpt Neo®

A non-invasive body shaping procedure that simultaneously eliminates fat and builds muscle in a combined 30-minute session.

Smooth & Soothe


A device that simultaneously uses both thermal and mechanical energy to treat major contributing factors to cellulite.

Say NO To Incontinence


A breakthrough treatment for those suffering from incontinence – loss of bladder control.

Laser tattoo removal

ALMA Harmony PRO XL Laser Treatments

  • IPL Skin Resurfacing of Face and Body

  • Laser Hair Reduction

  • Laser Tattoo removal

  • “Lunchtime Face Lift” – a no downtime collagen rejuvenation face “lift”

Skin Exams & Dermatological Care

  • ACCUTANE Treatments

  • Cryotherapy

  • Diagnostic Biopsy

  • Laser Ablation of Benign & Malignant Lesions

  • BOTOX®

  • Fillers

Beautiful, clear skin
Couple preparing healthy meal at home

Physician-Supervised Weight Loss Program

Mendez Family Care offers the ITG Diet under the medical supervision of our providers. The ITG diet offers a sustainable weight loss solution and minimizes spikes in insulin production. It is tailored to safely spare muscle mass while simultaneously burning fat. This is possible through a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. ITG offers a variety of meal options and high-grade supplements. ITG also shares tips on how to maintain your social life while on your weight loss journey. Participants in this diet come to the office weekly for body measurements and a B12 lipophilic shot. Come meet with one of our providers and see if the ITG diet is appropriate for you.


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